October Giveaway – Two Tickets to the Influence Conference!!

Happy Friday, y’all! Don’t you think a giveaway is a great way to end the week? Me too! Well this is quite a giveaway. I’ve partnered with some pretty awesome ladies to offer not one, but TWO tickets to the Influence Network Conference. If you’ve never had the opportunity to go to a blogging conference, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Make sure to follow lovely ladies and best of luck!
What is the Influence Network?
TWO lucky readers will win a ticket to the 2015 Influence Conference. The conference is a three day event held in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Westin Hotel. You will meet women from all over the country who are seeking to learn the right tools for their passions. There will be workshops, classes, speakers, coffee, & shopping. There will be bloggers, mothers, small business owners, writers, and the list goes on & on.

Two Places At Once     //     What She Saw     //     Rivers & Roads

Oaks & Oats     //     Amy Cornwell     //     Simplicity Relished

Rachel Rewritten     //     Trusty Chucks     //     Wear Flowers In Your Hair

She Lives Free    //     Elah Tree     //     Mandy Living Life


Vallarina Creative     //     Camp Patton     //     23 and 9 Creative

You do not have to be a member of the Influence Network to enter the giveaway OR to go the conference but I can personally attest to the growth I have seen in my life through the network and the relationships I have built through it.
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**Please note that this giveaway is in no way sponsored by The Influence Network. 

We are a group of independent women who are joining together to make this conference happen for two of our readers. The two recipients will only receive tickets to the event & are responsible for ALL other expenses, including but not limited to travel, lodging, meals, parking, etc. If for some reason either of the winners cannot attend the conference they will be expected to contact one of the hosts immediately so that another winner can be chosen.






Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, y’all. Every now and then I need to step away from this space. Reason being? I went home this weekend so I wanted to focus on my family instead of the blog.

It’s always bittersweet for me to travel home. Because I work full time, I usually only get to go home for 2-3 days at a time. It’s tough. As soon as I get used to being home, it’s time to get on a plane again.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life in Austin. But I also love being with my family. Most of the time, those two things don’t combine. When they do, it’s even better!

This weekend, I spent time with my family. We ate, we shopped and we talked. My favorite part of being home is waking up in the morning and eating breakfast together. We hang around the breakfast table for an hour or so, drink coffee and decide what to do that day. I know it’s nothing exciting, but some of my favorite memories happened around that table. It was such a blessing to spend this time with my family.

What do you love most about going home?